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« My mission is to revolutionize sports science by developing a standardized system
and by truly reconnect people with themselves,
making them feel at home in their bodies. »

Viviane Cyr embarked on this mission as soon as she obtained her physiotherapy diploma, when she was only 24 years old. Barely graduated, she was already leaving Quebec to learn from the best schools in high-level sports therapy with the aim of transforming the established order in sports science and revolutionizing sports therapy philosophy with a profound approach: to reconnect people to their bodies.

That was 9 years ago, and since then she has made her mark.

« The return to play phase (moving from the healed state to a reperformance state) and the global approach (to see the spirit, the body, fuels and energy flow as a whole) were very little discussed in 2019, and still are. However, an athlete, just like a worker who has demanding loads, cannot perform well or recover from injuries in a sustainable way if these 4 pillars are not addressed together. »

Now 33, Viviane runs the Replay Center she founded in 2019, which employs 25 professionals and treated more than 5000 clients, including some of the world’s top athletes UFC, boxing, NHL, CFL and the Olympics. Replay is also the official health provider for the professional mixed martial arts league Samourai MMA and the health manager of  Women’s Hockey High Performance Center, which includes Montreal’s new pro women’s hockey team and players from the Best Female Team in the world – the Women National Hockey Team.

Having become an international sports science educator, expert consultant in biomechanics and beginning research in biomechanics and performance, Viviane Cyr is dedicated to refining her discoveries on what Human beings can accomplish by training them in a conscious and intelligent way. She brings her methodology to her center through a wide range of therapies, from state-of-the-art  sports medicine to open-minded alternative therapies, which combine cutting-edge technological analysis of knee arthro-biomechanics with hypnosis and sound therapy, with the management of mechanical constraints according to the schedule of the individual.

« I have the vision that every goal is achievable if you divide it by the right steps.

This way, anybody has an opportunity to move toward their definition of success and happiness,

including performing your life in a pain-free body. »

viviane cyr
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Entrevue réalisée en 2018, Patrick Charron de FloTribe interroge Viviane Cyr sur ses débuts en tant que physiothérapeute et entrepreneure. 


REPLAY's story and work with combat

Interview from Abhijit Minhas, PT with The Thinking Physio Podcast, ep #14

Viviane Cyr is a Physiotherapist, entrepreneur and business owner of a beautiful state of the art physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic in Montreal, Canada Centre RePlay. She has build her practice in the niche of mixed martial arts working with fighters competing in the UFC and other organizations. However, she is not restricted just to MMA. Her work ethics and results have led to team Canada Women’s hockey team members seeking her professional help. In this podcast we chat about her journey as a physio, business owner and all things rehab.

replay podcast #1 - benoit hogedez
La conscience, la douleur et l'hypnose

Premier podcast de l’Équipe Replay, Viviane rencontre Benoit Hogedez, physiothérapeute chez Replay, doctorant à la chaire de recherche du Canada en épistémiologie, master en Philosophie de la Médecine et ayant son diplôme en ”Medicine, Meditation, Hypnosis and Neuroscience”. 

Nous discutons de la conscience, son rôle dans la douleur et la guérison, la méditation, l’hypnose, l’utilisation de ces outils en thérapie, la gestion de l’anxiété et l’optimisation de performance. 


Patrick Charron invites Viviane to FloTribe, Podcast dedicated to Movers – Breathers – Teachers – Healers – Creators 

Physiotherapist Viviane Cyr, from @centrereplay, explains the importance of connecting with our bodies and movement to help both prevent and detect injuries, especially as we age. For the full interview, use the link in the bio @flotribe.


Professional MMA fighter Jeff Chan, from OneFC, visits Centre Replay in preparation for a fight. He gets the experience Fighter Repair with Viviane Cyr, a ‘rehab’ group class pin-pointing most commun fighters injuries and Replay’s famous spa and cold tub !

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présidente & physiothérapeute

Co-fondatrice du Centre Replay, Viviane Cyr est une physiothérapeute proactive avec une approche non conventionnelle désirant challenger le statu quo en médecine sportive. Reconnue pour son dynamisme, sa passion pour la physiothérapie et son engagement envers la santé de ses clients, elle a développé son expertise en participant fréquemment à des formations continues à l’international directement dans les centres de performance et de réadaptation les plus prestigieux au monde tels que EXOS et Onnit

Elle traite des athlètes de toutes les disciplines, des joueurs de football aux danseurs, en passant par des athlètes de sports de combats, des acrobates, des haltérophiles, des joueurs de soccer, etc.

Son expertise, son expérience et ses résultats avec ses clients ont permis à Viviane de se bâtir une solide réputation auprès des athlètes professionnels de combat à Montréal et à travailler avec un grand nombre d’athlètes des ligues UFC, Bellator, WBC, NHL ainsi que divers athlètes olympiques.

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